Did I Just Drop Out of College?!?!

It has occurred to me (and by ‘has occurred to me,’ I really mean, ‘has been brought to my attention’) that maybe, just mayyybe, my last post may have been slightly deficient in background information. Many friends have since met me with follow-up questions such as, what happened to Dietetics? Am I dropping out of college and returning to life as a waitress? Do I hate the University I’m currently at? What does my future look like?

My original plan was to attend a university in Kankakee, IL for four years, earn a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics, complete a Dietetic internship, and pass the RD exam. My new plan is to finish the semester in Kankakee, transfer to a college back in Peoria, finish my nursing prerequisites in the next two semesters (I got a semester and a half done in high school) and start nursing school in the spring of 2019. I will likely do this in either Louisville, KY, or Kansas City, MO because I have family in both cities who are welcoming me into their homes.

So why the switch?

I’m switching from dietetics to nursing because, as a dietetics major, I was placed in some basic nursing classes due to the overlap between the two fields and realized that the subject matter in the nursing classes was fascinating to me, whereas the subject matter in the dietetics classes was interesting, but not enough for five years of it. Nursing is also a more useful degree than dietetics in terms of international missions.

I’m switching from Kankakee to Peoria because of my newfound lack of need for a dietetics program, the desire to have the financial wiggle room to go on a short-term missions trip, and issues I had with the university’s beliefs. I was able to find a great deal of good at the university and met some very wonderful people who are very dear to me so I will not elaborate on the issues on my blog. I’m not interested in bashing the university; no university is pure good or pure evil, and this university is no exception.

And how am I feeling?

I’m ecstatic. I’m grieving. I’m terrified. But mostly ecstatic.

I’m ecstatic because I feel such peace in this decision. I’m really confident that this is a wise thing to do. And I’m so excited for a future as a nursing student and nurse! I’m excited for the opportunities a nursing degree offers, both inside and outside the US!

I’m grieving the loss of the friends I’ve made here. I don’t want to leave my roommate, my study buddies, or my friends from church! I’m sad that I won’t get to take more classes from my favourite professors.

I’ve talked to many nurses and nursing students, and the consensus is this: Nursing is a rewarding career, but nursing school is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Not going to lie; that’s a scary thing to hear!

Overall, though, I’m excited about my future. I’m confident that adventures lie ahead!

PS If you’re the praying kind, there are a couple departments in which I could use some prayer:

  • The humility to listen and learn what I can from leaders who I believe have partially faulty theology. It is tempting for me to find a single belief with which I disagree and pridefully discredit everything the person says. Needless to say, that’s wrong.
  • Smooth transitions between colleges and locations (transferring credits, moving from dorm to house to other house, etc.)
  • Picking a nursing school wisely and the strength to make it through nursing school

2 thoughts on “Did I Just Drop Out of College?!?!

  1. Congratulations on choosing Nursing. I just graduated with my BSN. I started a blog about what I’m doing and what life is like after school. Schooling is hard, but don’t forget to find the joy! If you want to follow me, you can find me at NowToNurse.com!


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