Well, hey there!

I’m Michelle! I’m a Christian and a college student in Illinois, spending my days hanging with periodic tables and Bunsen burners and my nights writing novels and dreaming of traveling the world!

My fun facts:

  • I grew up in Southern Arizona, and although I’ve lived in Illinois for some time, a large chunk of my heart remains there. (Unfortunately, so do my Spanish skills.)
  • Coffee. Gotta have it.
  • I love distance running. So far, the longest race I’ve tackled is a half marathon, but believe you me, the 26.2 is coming!
  • I’m the youngest of four daughters. (In case you’re wondering, our household was actually a very peaceful one, and we love each other to death.)
  • I adore everything Musical Theatre! (dream role = Lucy Harris)
  • I am a Certified Professional Overreactor.
  • I speak German!
  • I love to play the piano! (As well as overuse exclamation points and parenthesis!)

PS my Insta is barefootmichelley!